Monday, April 5, 2010

To the Zoo

My daughters and I are going to the zoo today. I love going to the zoo. (Shhhh. Don't tell them that -- they think I'm being totally selfless and must be forced to go.)

We have the world's cutest animal at our zoo (that's what the signs say, and I believe them) -- a red panda. Here's a link to a photo of one:

Judge for yourself. Only your own child could be cuter.

They are an endangered species, with only about 2500 adults in the world. Next weekend is Red Panda Awareness Weekend at our zoo, so just to get you ready for that. . .

Pandomly speaking:

1. Red pandas grow to about the size of a house cat.

2. Red pandas have been thought to be a relative of both the giant panda and the raccoon, but are now thought to have their own family -- the Ailuridae.

3. A male red panda is called a "boar" or a "he-bear."

4. A female red panda is called a "sow" or a "she-bear."

5. A group of red pandas (which is uncommon) is called a "sleuth" or a "sloth."

Don't forget to check out the link. They are so darn cute!!!!

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