Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday morning, I overslept. So, now bloggity blog for me. Kinda threw the whole day off. I got to work on time, but it was a telecommuting day, so there's not really any excuse for being late.

That made me think about the kinds of excuses people give for being late to work. According to a 2008 Careerbuilder.com survey, 15% of all employees said that they were late at least once per week to their jobs, and roughly 24% said that they made up excuses about why they were late. The survey listed some of the wacky excuses given. My favorite of the bunch was "Someone stole all my daffodils." Really? I'd be lucky to notice that my daffodils were missing in the morning. Plus, I'm such a poor gardener that I'd assume they'd all just died. But I digress.

I also liked "I was indicted for securities fraud this morning," and "I didn't have any gas money because all of the pawn shops were closed." Another one was "My route to work was shut down by a Presidential motorcade," but I didn't think that one was funny. I actually drove in the tail-end of a Presidential motorcade, so I know that they don't shut down the road completely. They just close the exits while the motorcade goes by.

What's the wackiest reason you've heard that a co-worker (not, you, of course) has ever given for being late to work?

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