Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do pigs sweat?

Last week, a friend of mine said that she'd been "sweating like a pig." Which made me wonder, do pigs actually sweat?

Turns out that pigs are very poor sweaters, and some breeds of pig don't sweat at all. So, when we're all saying that we are "sweating like pigs," we really mean that we aren't sweating at all. Pigs, in fact, cool themselves by wallowing in mud. I, frankly, would rather stick with the sweating.

Horses are really great sweaters. Even cows are better sweaters than pigs. However, horses are by far the best at it. Perhaps we should change our little saying to "sweating like a horse."

So, next time I go for a run, you'll probably see me sweating like a horse.

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