Monday, March 15, 2010

Uhm, I need a new floor

So, while I'm working on the taxes, my husband and daughters decide to find out if they can pull out a few kitchen tiles, starting on a project so that sometime in the slightly distant future, we could have a new floor put in. Thirty minutes later, half of my kitchen tiles are gone.

Uhm, you might say they were way more successful in pulling up tiles than they thought. It actually took them longer to go to the store to get safety goggles than it did to pull up the tiles.

Not really making me feel good about how securely my tiles were put in place.

This means I need a new kitchen floor WAY sooner than I expected. Bear with me if I have floor tile on the brain.

Today's randoms are about what else -- ceramic tile:

1. There are approximately 34,000 glass coated ceramic tiles on the Space Shuttle.

2. The word "Ceramic" comes from the Greek word "Keramos," which means "Pottery," "Potters' Clay," or "A Potter." This Greek word is related to an old Sanskrit root meaning "to burn" but was mostly used to mean "Burnt Stuff."

3. People began putting ceramic tiles into kitchens and bathrooms in the 20th Century as a sanitary measure.

More than you probably wanted to know . . .

So, no segue to this, but . . . Happy Birthday, Crystal.

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