Friday, March 26, 2010

Ten Things About Me -- Nine Are True

So, here's the ultimate random Petula challenge. (Well, at least for this week.) Below are ten things about me. Only nine of them are true. Can you guess which one is not true? (If you're related to me by blood or marriage, you're not allowed to guess -- at least not here.) Put your guess in the comments section below.

1. I've kissed an alligator.

2. I don't cook very well, but I can order take out with the best.

3. I appeared in a Las Vegas show.

4. I played the violin in my high school's orchestra. (Go, Stings!)

5. I have one newspaper photo publishing credit.

6. I collect tea cups from Occupied Japan.

7. I was once stuck in an elevator with Anthony Bourdain.

8. I've ridden a bike for a total of 150 miles over two days.

9. I worked in a tackle repair shop in high school.

10. The first plane I ever rode in was the one I took to Germany as a kid.

You have until next Wednesday, March 31st. The one who guesses correctly, gets . . . uhm . . . a shout out on this blog!


  1. Gretchen McCord HoffmannMarch 26, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    What was Anthony Bourdain like, stuck in an elevator?!!

  2. I think you have not been in a Las Vegas show. Hmmmmm. I picture you kissing an alligator now.

  3. If #3 and #6 are true, you are obligated to explain in your next Blog. ;o)

  4. I don't think you ever played the violin, especially if you worked in a tackle shop. Geez, what did your violin smell like? Ew.

    So I say no to #4.

  5. I'll say that you do not collect tea cups....