Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bosu, Bosu, Why Art Thou Bosu?

So, I decide that it's time to get rid of my couch potato status, starting out with some core exercises. My doctor suggested that I get a Bosu. Stupidly, I listened.
In my excitement, I also purchase a workout DVD that combines yoga, Pilates, and the Bosu. Yeah. There's a good idea. Let's take someone with a weak core and balance issues, plant her on a thing that looks like half an exercise ball with a lid slapped on it and get her to do balancing exercises.

Not pretty. I look like someone in a log rolling contest. But the nice lady leading me through the torture, I mean, exercises, assures me that I'll get stronger and more stable. She makes no promises about not looking stupid in the meantime. So, if you drive by my house and think you see someone waving her arms like a windmill, that's probably just me on the Bosu.

Today's random time waster is to see how many words it takes to get from "Bosu" to "pain" by changing one letter at a time. (For example, to get from "cup" to "sat," it takes three words -- "cap," "sap," "sat.") It took me ten.

Have fun!

Bosu, by the way, stands for "Both Sides Up."

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  1. BOSU actually originates from the Navajo ancient, "BOOHOO"; meaning "She who cries on carpeted floor" ;o) Love you!