Friday, March 19, 2010


Yesterday morning, I finished the first draft of my manuscript. I felt out of sorts -- like one might feel on the day after a friend moves out of town.

But after putting the manuscript aside for a few days (not such a good idea to set a friend aside, but I digress), I'll be back at the keyboard tidying up a couple of loose plot points and digging into the comments on the first draft from my critique group to create a second draft. Ah, revision-land.

I've also starting taking a revision class from the wonderful Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson. Just in the comments I received from my synopsis, I've already been able to improve my manuscript. Hopefully, the class will help me get to a third draft. Maybe, just maybe, the third draft will be ready to go visit an agent or two.

In honor of the revision process, today's random timewaster is to see how many words you can make out of the letters from 'revision.' For example, son, sin, and nose are three words.

Have fun!

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