Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What to do with cricket poo?

During a recent trip to Austin, Texas, I learned that during certain parts of the year (i.e., now) there's an up tick in the cricket population in the area. So big an increase, in fact, that my hotel left me this note in my room:

The bottom line for the hotel is that there are simply too many crickets for them to get rid of them all, and we might as well enjoying their singing.

The situation go me to thinking -- What can you do with the cricket poo?

Turns out that there's an answer. Cricket poop apparently makes a great fertilizer. There are even companies that sell it. Live crickets are raised in a big box called a "brooder. The poop falls to the bottom of the brooder in a mix that is roughly 98% poop and 2% a mixture of shed crickets skins, cricket food, and paper. Its not sticky, and it has very little odor.

So, that's what you do with cricket poo. You help your fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, etc. grow.

(And, I think this just goes to show that you never know what you'll read when you stop by this blog.)

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