Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ah, summer. Sweltering heat. Cool pools. Sleeping in. Gotta love it.

In honor of one of our favorite pastimes -- hitting the pool for a swim -- here are a few randoms about swimsuits:

1. Barbie's first outfit when she debuted in 1959 was a black and white swimsuit.

2. Until the 20th Century, when women's swimsuits began to "shrink," a woman wanting to swim in the ocean had to hold onto a rope in order to avoid drowning because her swimsuit weighed roughly 22 pounds.

3. Ancient Minoan paintings from around 1600 B.C. show women in two-pieced suits similar to the 1960s bikini.

4. It wasn't until the 1930s that men wore swimsuits that exposed their chests.

5. Not surprisingly, women's swimsuit sales make up about 70% of the market.

Well, hopefully the rain will go away long enough for us to get a swim in today.

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