Monday, June 6, 2011


I've realized lately that there are things that I never thought I'd say, but have said as a parent. Recently, that included, "Get your booger off of your sister."

Not really something I'd ever expected to say to another human being, but there it is. (I've also had to warn the same child to "Stop flinging boogers at your sister." Are you sensing a theme here?)

Other things that I never expected to say, but have:

1. "Yes, you can jump on the bed."

2. "If that makes you throw up, I'm not going to clean it up."

3. "Yes, you can go play in the street."

4. "Did you get a hickey from a one-toothed vampire?"

and finally,

5. "Pull your bottoms up." (This is a command issued to the three-year-old who was mooning the congregation at church.)

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