Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm Outta Here

But only for a while. My hubby is whisking me away to a destination unknown (okay, he knows, I don't) to celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary, so I won't be blogging this week.

Here are the clues I have (some may not be true):

1. We're flying less than four hours.
2. I have to pack one nice dress for dinner.
3. No golf clubs.
4. We're not going to Europe or Hawaii. (Wouldn't fit the flight time any way.)
5. Take shoes to do plenty of walking.
6. Take clothes for hot weather during the day, and a sweater for nighttime.
7. Pack boots.

How are those for no-very-helpful clues? (Frankly, I don't care where we're going -- just so long as we're going together.)

So far, my friends have guessed: Napa Valley, New York, Canada, Mexico, and somewhere in the Caribbean. Any other guesses?

I'll let you know when I get back.

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