Monday, September 6, 2010

Guinness World Records

There are Guinness World Records for many things -- largest football, most free throws in an hour, longest duration balancing on one floor -- but one that caught my eye recently was most skips on a unicycle in a minute. (A record currently held by Daiki Izumida a/k/a Shiojyari (from Japan), who jumped over a skipping rope on his unicycle 214 times in one minute at New Town Plaza in Hong Kong, China on 12 August 2007.)

So, who was the first person to get on a unicycle and think Let's see if I can jump rope on this thing? Isn't it enough just to be upright on a unicycle?

But the fact that there's a world's record for the most jumps (or skips) implies that other people are doing it too. Otherwise, it would simply be phenomenal that the guy could jump rope while on his unicycle. So, now, I have visions of dozens and dozens of people going to unicycle class and learning how to skip over a rope.

Odds are not good that you'll find me in that class. I can fall off a bike with two wheels just fine. I don't need to knock it down to one wheel to see what damage I can do to myself . . .

So, hats off to you, Daiki Izumida!

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