Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Towel Wars

One of the delightful things about our cabin during my recent cruise was the daily appearance of an animal made out of folded towels. First, a dog appeared. We named him "Cruiser." He was replaced by a pig, who was replaced by an elephant, who was replaced by -- wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

It was so much fun to be greeted by a new animal each evening that I decided to attend the ship's class on towel animal folding. Delighted with my new found skills, I turned four towels from our cabin into a dog and an elephant.

Being attached to those two, my cabin mate and I asked the steward, Sudi, and his assistant not to undo our little friends. They agreed, but there was a certain gleam in the steward's eye that I recognized as coming from someone who'd just accepted a challenge. The Towel Wars were on.

Sure enough, we came back to the cabin to find this guy, a monkey, complete with tissue tail. I knew that I had lost not only the towel battle, but the war.

Our steward left us my two, and kept adding to the collection. By the end of the trip, our room looked like a zoo, and we thought the rest of the guests were going to have to come to our cabin to get towels for their showers. (Could I have a swan and a frog, please?)

In honor of our little towel zoo:

1. A group of monkeys is called . . . a troop or a barrel.
2. A group of elephants is called . . . a herd.
3. A group of swans is called . . . a bevy.
4. A group of towel animals is called . . . laundry.

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  1. hahahahah! Didn't see the swan. I think Sudi did that one late so you wouldn't have an opportunity to get another one done! Cute blog post.