Monday, September 26, 2011

You want me to ride what?

Okay, I think it's a bit crazy to ride a bobsled down a bobsled track. It's definitely crazy to ride a luge or a skeleton sled down a bobsled track. But a wok?

Apparently so.

After a bet on a German TV show, some folks set up the World Wok Racing Championship, which involves one person or four person teams sliding down an Olympic bobsled track on modified Chinese woks. The competitors wear heavy gear similar to hockey uniforms and ladles (yes, cooking ladles) on their feet.

And, if that doesn't sound crazy enough, a single rider has gotten up to 91.70 kmh (or 56.98 mph). A four-person team managed to get to a speed of 114.3 kmh (or 71.02 mph).

If either of my kids ask to borrow the wok any time soon, the answer is definitely "no."

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