Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Internet Access

So, over the past two weeks, I've had issues with Internet access. In other words, for days at a time, I haven't had any.

That's made more than a few things difficult. For example, how could I write on this blog without Internet access? And, I couldn't telecommute for work. The horror. Weird how dependent I am on the Internet.

So, in honor of my little dependency, here are a few Internet Randoms:

1. In 1969, the Department of Defense commissioned ARPANET to do research on internetworking, and the first four computers were connected. ARPANET ceased to exist in 1990.

2. The first four computers on the ARPANET were: (a) a Xerox DSS 7 at UCLA Network Measurements Center; (b) a NIC - SDS940 at Stanford Research Institute; (c) an IBM 360/75 at UCSB; and (d) a DEC PDP-10 at the University of Utah.

3. Ray Tomlinson is credited with sending the world's first e-mail.

4. John Paul II was the first pope to send an e-mail.

5. Queen Elizabeth II sent the first royal e-mail in 1976.

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