Monday, March 21, 2011

Bad News

Sigh. It seems like all that I've been getting lately is bad news, so I've been especially slow to blog. I'll spare you the litany, and just stick with some randoms about bad news.

Apparently, we humans have more brain activity when confronted with bad news than with good news -- according to Psychology Today. There is a demonstrable surge of electrical activity in the brain when subjected to negative stimuli as compared to positive stimuli. Seems to help us survive when presented with danger.

According to Psychology Today, this laps over to our intimate relationships, and in at least one study, this has been shown to affect marital bliss. Couples that fight a lot can still be happily married, so long as they can balance the negativity from the fighting with sufficient positivity, and that happiness ratio appears to be 5 to 1. So, as long as a couple has five times as much positive interaction and feeling as negative, the couple tends to be stable and content.

Hmmm. Does this mean that I can step on my husband's toes once as long as I hug him five times?

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