Friday, February 4, 2011

No Show Snow Day

So, the kids had a Snow Day today. My hubby's office closed early yesterday and is closed all day today. My office was closed, but we telecommuted.

The only problem is that the snow was a 'no show.' How do we have a Snow Day with no snow? It's really a No Show Snow Day.

My friends from the north are laughing about the fact that we drained the City of Houston of people yesterday in anticipation of our big Snow Day.

See, we don't get them very often. Once every five years really. And, well, not today. But when we do have them, we have to make them really big events and go home to make hot chocolate and wish for warmer weather -- like the high of 72 degrees we had earlier in the week.

Today was really an Ice Day. Still cold, but more dangerous. So, even though my northern friends are laughing at how dainty we are, I'm not taking my non-four-wheel drive mini-van out until the ice is gone.

Snow drifts? Just something in our imagination here.

But, maybe, just maybe, one of my friends from up north will send a couple of pictures so that I can see snow on my No Show Snow Day.

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