Monday, November 8, 2010

Would you like a straw?

Every morning, I have an iced tea, consumed with a drinking straw. I am grateful for those straws. So, in honor of the little helpers, here are a few drinking straw randoms:

1. Nature first invented the drinking straw. Some folks used rye straws, but they were breakable and often unclean.

2. The first manufactured straw was invented by Chester Stone, who wrapped parafinned manila paper around a pencil and received a patent for his invention on January 3, 1888.

3. In 1908, the first machine-made straws were successfully manufactured by the Marvin C. Stone Estate.

4. In 1938, Joseph B. Friedman obtained a patent for the first flexible straw after watching his daughter become frustrated bending her straw over the rim of her glass of soda.

5. Mr. Friedman also invented a straw that could be used with either hot or cold liquids and be bent to any angle.

Whew knew?

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