Friday, August 13, 2010

Leafy Sea Dragons

One of my favorite critters in the whole world is the leafy sea dragon, a cousin of the sea horse. Leafy sea dragons look more like seaweed than dragon, but there's something very elegant about them. Take a look => Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragons, Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragon Pictures, Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragon Facts - National Geographic

The leafy sea dragon have leafy appendages that are used as camouflage, not to help the sea dragon move. Instead, the sea dragon uses tiny, translucent fins along its back and its dorsal fins to move, but it appears to simply glide through the water.

A few randoms about these creatures:

1. Like the sea horse, the male sea dragon cares for the young.

2. The leafy sea dragon's natural habitat is limited to the waters of Australia.

3. Leafy sea dragons have another cousin called the weedy sea dragon, who have fewer appendages and grow to a longer length.

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